TESLA Roadster

PUBLISHED: 08:36, Thu, Nov 23, 2017

TESLA Roadster was launched on Friday as a special add-on to the Semi truck launch in Hawthorne California, boasting world-beating specs. Company CEO Elon Musk has now confirmed that it could still be faster.

The Roadster 2.0 is a reimagining of the first car the Californian electric car manufacturer produced. When the first car launched it was expensive, low volume and essentially a modified Lotus, but the evolved Roadster could be a bonafide world-beater.It has been slated to have a spec sheet associated with a petrol supercar with a price tag in the millions.

Roadster 2.0 will go from 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds – which would make it the first car to accelerate to this speed in under two seconds. It will also go from 0-100mph in 4...

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KOENIGSEGG Agera has just smashed the world record for the fastest car in the world setting a new top speed in the Agera, sending warning shots to both Bugatti Chiron and Hennessy Venom F5.

Over the past few weeks the hypercar giants have been tussling for attention.

Firstly, the Bugatti Chiron claimed a world record for a test they invented in the Chiron by going from 0-249-0mph in just 42 seconds.

Koenigsegg came to spoil Bugatti’s party just weeks later with the Agera RS, taking just 36.44 seconds to achieve the same test.

Hennessy, not wanting to feel left out, announced the new Venom F5 which, it claims could travel in excess of 300mph.


Detroit, USA – 15 January 2018

Koenigsegg Automotive will make its Detroit debut at the 2018 North American International Aut...

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GMC 2018 Terrain Denali

Starting price: $37,600

The all-new 2018 Terrain Denali is the ultimate expression of the groundbreaking Terrain. Bold styling, a powerful stance and exclusive features such as LED headlamps, 19” wheels and the multidimensional Denali grille announce the next chapter of design from GMC, and set a whole standard for compact SUVs.

It has C-shaped lightings which provide brilliant LED light to help cut through darkness and fog, while stunning C-shaped lighting on the tail lamps complete Terrain Denali’s strong design from front to back.

Talking about interior, the all-new 2018 Terrain Denali small luxury SUV takes bold design, premium materials and first-class comfort and versatility to the next level...

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Honda Vezel

The very news that soon we will see the new crossover from 2018-2019 Honda appeared on the network a year ago. Then in Detroit, which hosted the exhibition concept 2018-2019 Honda Urban SUV, Japanese designers have made it clear, both in the near future will look like a new model of Japanese SUV.

If we analyze the news photos, we can see that the new model 2018-2019 Honda Vezel almost completely repeats the design of the conceptual model Urban CAB. Despite the simplified headlights and slightly enlarged door mirrors, new 2018-2019 Honda Vezel retained the latest design ideas and the highlight concept.







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